The Portland Trail blazers have been dancing with time, with this season shaping up to be the last trail they take in their current era.

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“We’re not the Brooklyn Nets. They have superstar power. You know the ability of that team. One day they can get hot and run you out of the gym. We’re not that team. But we’ve been in a ditch and we’re figuring out a way to get out of it.”

This is a quote from Damian Lillard himself, talking about the state of the team after their 5th straight loss on Sunday. The Portland Trail blazers are 2-8 in their last ten games and although they sit four games above .500, they are currently 7th in the West behind Dallas…

Not all assassins are paid to kill, some do it for the love of the game.

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Have you ever seen the show “The Blacklist?” If you have, then you already understand the reference I’m making between “Raymond Reddington” and Michael Redd.

See, Michael Redd wasn’t your typical assassin. He was a left-handed bucket from Columbus, Ohio in which current Bucks star Khris Middleton reminds me of a lot.

I grew up in Milwaukee so I was lucky enough to catch my fair share of Bucks games, and Redd was everything that Milwaukee stands for: grit, blue-collar, grind, etc. …

The Timberwolves have been chopping trees down for the past 15 years. And by the look of things, they got a lot more trees on the horizon.

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2004 was the first time that the Timberwolves went to the WCFs. On the back of Kevin Garnett, the Timberwolves experienced tons of playoff success with him but could never reach the pinnacle.

Remixes aren’t always better than the original, but they can sometimes bring that X-Factor that the original didn’t have.

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Now I’m not saying that Jason was levels ahead of some the greatest PGs ever cause that’s simply not true. But you know and I know that he brought a different level of excitement and flash to the position.

Understood? Cool.

Jason Williams wasn’t a “superstar” like player by any means, but that’s ultimately what made him great. Unique players like Jason don’t come around often, and in my opinion, more are needed. Jason had a WILD personality, which got him into trouble more times than not. He played High School ball with arguably the greatest Wide Receiver ever in…

There’s three things in life that’s certain: Death, taxes, and Tony Allen locking up your favorite player.

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“First team All-Defense, first team All-Defense”

You can’t just talk about it, you gotta be about it, and Tony Allen was the perfect example of that. “The Grindfather” himself is arguably the greatest perimeter defender in NBA history. Players like “Kevin Durant” and the late, great “Kobe Bryant” have called him the greatest defender they’ve played against. That’s huge honors to receive for a kid from Chicago.

Tony Allen’s path to the NBA is the stuff of legend. From 00'-02' he attended two different Junior Colleges, the first being “Butler County Community College” where he played his Freshman year and…

We were robbed of seeing a “prime” Arvydas Sabonis in the NBA. What we’re seeing from his son however, does more than make up for it.

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If you’re into today’s NBA then you already know about Pacer star and 2x All-Star “Domantas Sabonis”. With that being said, you should also know a little bit about Domantas’s father, Arvydas. Arvydas Sabonis is one of Lithuania’s best basketball players ever. No seriously, by 15, Arvydas was already a member of the Soviet Junior National team.

Arvydas made his professional club debut in 81' in his homeland of Lithuania, where he won three consecutive Soviet Premier League titles, and the 1986 FIBA Club World Cup with Žalgiris.

Whether it’s calling game, or calling it like it is. “The Truth” is one of one, and undeniably a legend.

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When you think of Paul Pierce, what’s your first initial thought? If you say anything pertaining to him being a “washed up ESPN analyst”, than this article is just for you. If you’re like me and enjoy basketball for what it is and love taking trips down memory lane, then this article is also for you.

This will be the last installment for Black History Month and I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude for Oakland’s own, Paul Pierce.

Paul Pierce or “The Truth” attended Inglewood High where he was cut from his school’s basketball team both his Freshman…

Never underestimate the value of a Penny, they hold more value than you think.

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For my third installment for Black History Month, I wanted to write about my personal favorite PG of all time Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

Penny, who attended the University of Memphis, was a 6'7" PG who could also play the SG and SF position. Besides Magic of course, Taller guards were a rarity in the 90s NBA. But Penny was also extremely versatile and for a guard of his size, it gave him a clear advantage. Anfernee, who played two years at Memphis (91'-93') before declaring for the 93' NBA Draft averaged a combined 20.0 PPG, 7.7 RPG & 5.9 …

Class is in session for those unaware of Webber’s Hall of Fame career.

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The Hall has yet to come knocking for Chris Webber, a basketball legend in his own right. Webber, who hails from Detroit, Michigan, attended the University of Michigan after leading his High School to three straight title games. His senior year he averaged 29.4 PPG & 13 RPG leading to him being named Michigan’s Mr. Basketball and the 90'-91' National High School player of the year. He was named MVP in both the McDonald’s and Dapper Dan All-Star games.

“C-Webb” played at Michigan for two years and was a member of the Legendary “Fab Five”. The Fab Five which also…

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest. And only the greatest, can influence a generation of athletes.

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24,368 Points.

3,394 Rebounds.

5,624 Assists.

11x All Star.

2x All Star Game MVP.

4x Scoring Champ.

3x Steals Champ.

7x All-NBA.

96'-97' All-Rookie.

96'-97' Rookie of the Year.

00'-01' MVP.

The man. The myth. The legend. The Hall of Famer.

Allen Ezail Iverson.

The Answer.

Allen Iverson is a basketball GOD. A pioneer of the sport, and a trailblazer as well. We know what he was capable of doing on any night. And on most of those nights, he put on a show.

Mars Robinson

Freelance NBA writer. Twitter: @marsjoint

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