After a blockbuster trade that ultimately saved his life, Caris LeVert's first full season as a Pacer should be one for the books as the Pacers look to get back to playoff form.

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When Caris LeVert was traded from Brooklyn to Indiana no one knew that his basketball career would be in jeopardy. During Caris’s physical, when the trade was finalized, he found out that he had a small mass on his left kidney that would leave him out indefinitely. He had successful surgery on January 26th of this year and would make his Pacers debut on March 13th in a win against Phoenix.

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When you want to achieve your goals, you’ll do anything in your power to make sure it happens. Giannis did just that, and it was truly remarkable to watch.

Created by Mars Robinson

What an NBA Finals. Six games of incredible shot-making, insane defensive sequences, and incredibly loud environments. Much respect to both the Bucks and Suns for providing us with one hell of a series.

The Milwaukee Bucks found themselves down 0-2, but would eventually win four straight en route to the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo put on an absolute clinic with 50 points in game six, he also tallied 14 rebounds & 5 blocks making his presence felt all over the floor. …

In this day and age of basketball, more hype men are needed. Superstars are great, but a good hype man can bring a team together and create much-needed energy.

Created by Mars Robinson

“Mother**** him and John Wayne!”

— Flavor Flav

That is one of the most memorable lines from one of the greatest songs in Hip-Hop history, but it didn’t come from “Public Enemy” rapper “Chuck D”. This line came from the greatest hype man ever in “Flavor Flav”. Public Enemy was more than a “duo” — they were a collective that acted as their own NBA team. Chuck being the superstar player that controlled the rock, while “Terminator X” pulled the strings behind the scene.

But with every NBA team, there’s that one player that brings everything together and is beloved…

After three years in Sacramento, a fresh start for Marvin Bagley III should be in order.

Created by Mars Robinson

Marvin Bagley III was once a dominant force at Duke University, a player that averaged 21 & 11 a game his freshman year, and was considered by many to be the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft. Since entering the NBA in 2018, Marvin who was selected 2nd overall by the Sacramento Kings has only played in 118 games.

Bagley is a 6'11" PF/C with tremendous faceup skills. If you watched any Duke games when he was there, then you know just how special he was. Bagley shot an impressive 61% from the field and a blistering 39% from…

James Wiseman has spent most of his Rookie campaign facing scrutiny from an organization that has been held back recently by injuries.

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The Golden State Warriors when healthy, has dominated the NBA year in and year out. With titles in 2015, 17-18 they were a force to be reckoned with. in 2019 they would look to three-peat against the Toronto Raptors, but would lose two superstars in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to major injuries. Since then, the Dubs have struggled to stay healthy with Steph breaking his hand in 2020 and Klay rupturing his Achilles right before the 2020 NBA Draft.

Klay’s second major injury — the first being a torn ACL in game six of the 2019 Finals, put the…

Being able to shoot at all five positions is a must in today’s NBA. For some teams, having a stretch big and being able to go small if needed is pivotal so they can compete consistently.

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If you watched the Clippers-Jazz series then you were just as surprised and impressed as me. Coach Tyronn Lue and the Clippers found themselves in another 2-0 deficit — this time to the #1 seed Utah Jazz. But instead of panicking, they adjusted, and we saw the Clippers light up the Jazz from games 3-6.

During the regular season, the LA Clippers had eight players shooting 40% or higher from distance — this would be what would propel them to win four straight games, and advance to their franchise’s first-ever WCFs.

From games 3-6. the Clippers shot an insane 45%…

How Suns big man, Deandre Ayton, has officially arrived in this year's playoffs among the best from his draft class

Original illustration by Double Scribble, design by Antonio Losada

The Phoenix Suns are on their way to the Western Conference Finals after sweeping the MVP Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets. Third year center DeAndre Ayton — who had a huge impact in the first round against the defending champs, LA Lakers — has had a great playoff run thus far with averages of 15.2 PPG & 10.6 RPG. For those familiar with Ayton and his game, this shouldn’t be a surprise. …

The analysts of today are in charge of feeding us narratives and assumptions instead of actual logic, thus making for poor discourse between fans who feed off their ignorance.

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It’s been six years since the greatest sports analyst of all time, “Stuart Scott” passed, and honestly — ESPN hasn’t been the same.

Now ESPN has some great shows today that provide top-notch sports analysis, like my favorite, “Jalen & Jacoby.” But for the most part — the shows that are popular among basketball fans aren’t that great. Shows like “First Take” see the hosts spend a little over two hours debating over irrelevant topics that don’t provide any fan or new fan actual knowledge.

In my opinion, most “analysts” of today are too biased to do their job correctly…

This isn’t a “Spike Lee” joint, but MSG is Spike Lee’s joint, and for fans in New York City and beyond, it was like watching a movie

Original Art by Antonio Losada (Twitter)

After a crushing loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs — which resulted in one of the best beefs in recent NBA history — the New York Knicks are finally at the center of attention again. But rather than an ending, their story might only be beginning.

The Knickerbockers made it back to the post-season for the first time since 2013, and although it didn’t go as planned, this young Knicks team — led by first time All-Star Julius Randle — shook the basketball world, who predicted they would have the lowest win…

They say that the “sequel” is better than the original, and the Clippers are looking to make last season’s embarrassment non comparable to the situation their in now.

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Here we are in year two of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Clipper experience, and things are once again looking dire. Last September I wrote about the Clippers and the “dilemma” they found themselves in after firing Doc Rivers. According to “Playoff P”, Doc would use him as “Ray Allen” instead of letting him play his own game.

We already know what happened to the Clippers in the bubble last season and although it was absolutely embarrassing, the situation their in now is puzzling to say the least. The Clippers sat as the third seed in the west prior…

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