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Mars Robinson
3 min readJul 17, 2020


Well almost, this year’s NBA season will be resuming starting July 30th and will look to end sometime in September (hopefully). All teams participating (22) have traveled down to Orlando where COVID-19 testing happens daily. Players and staff must wear masks, cannot leave the bubble unless for emergencies (So no Postmates, just ask Richaun Holmes) and can not invite guests. So yeah, that IG model you started following during the hiatus, she can’t come fam.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Teams stay in specific hotels based on their record/standing in their respectful conferences. And according to Adam Silver we can expect games to go on all day. Resumption will start with a couple scrimmage games for teams, then the regular season will continue briefly with only eight games (for seeding purposes) before eventually starting the long awaited 2020 NBA Playoffs.

LeBron looks to drive against Paul George during their March matchup (via CBS Sports)

With this comes a lot of skeptics, wondering if the season will even resume. COVID cases have been skyrocketing as of late and if one player contracts the virus while in the bubble, it could potentially ruin everything. But with it being about a week or so since teams and staff have been in Orlando, things seem to be running smoothly.

Players have already begun speaking out about the bubble, some negative some positive. But overall, players believe the bubble is the safest place to be and are more than grateful about the ones on the frontline, responsible for making this all happen.

Players have been taking part in various activities like fishing and of course gaming. I think almost all players have a gaming setup in their room when they’re not taking part in team practice or enjoying the “bubble meals” that has been one of the focal points since teams arrived.

With all the information that we know thus far, from JR Smith getting in trouble his first night to Dwight Howard being the only one at the pool party (SMH), COVID hitting the Brooklyn Nets harder than anyone could’ve expected (Speedy recovery to all), and the “snitch” hotline being used immensely. Have your thoughts on the season changed? Do you still have the same team winning it all? What are your expectations for players making their return via roster fill in (Jamal Crawford, JR Smith). Feel free to let your thoughts and opinions be heard.



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